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Kingdom of God. At the conclusion of the class there will be a laying on of hands to transfer spiritual authority and designation by Presbyterians and your spiritual gift(s) will be activated (Acts 8:14-19; Act 6:6, 13:3 and 1 Timothy 4:14). The Lord has anointed you for this time and season and I applaud you for investing in your ministry and having a desire to come up higher. I look forward to seeing you in class.

Class Information:

Dates to be determined. However, weekly assignments are posted online must be completed and submitted in a timely manner. Our online classes offers Hybrid Courses, video-on-demand, downloadable PDF studies where you will be trained in the environment of your own home; and you may speak with the instructors personally with questions or concerns. The registration fee of $25.00 has been waived due to COVID19.



We look forward to you being a part of this teaching and we know that your ministry will flourish as you use the principles learned. 



Did you know that there are at least fifty-nine (59) Spiritual Gifts in the Bible and that every born-again believer in Jesus Christ has at least one spiritual gift and most people have more than one? First Corinthians 12 records nine Spiritual Gifts in versus 8-10 which are commonly broken down into three categories:

Category One – THE GIFTS OF PERCEPTION/MIND GIFTS: the Word of Wisdom, the Word of Knowledge and the Discerning of Spirits.

Category Two – THE GIFTS OF SOVEREIGNTY/POWER: the Gift of Faith, Gifts of Healing, and Working of Miracles.

Category Three – THE GIFTS OF INSPIRATION: The Gift of Prophecy, the Gift of Divers Kinds of Tongues, the Gift of the Interpretation of Tongues.This is an eight-week teaching that covers all three categories of gifts. It is designed to help you identify, develop and utilize your spiritual gifts regardless of whether you are a novice, or experienced. When applicable, you will have activation practice sessions with other interns to strengthen your gift and build confidence. After taking this class you will have an understanding how the Gifts of the Holy Spirit operates, the diversities and administrations. Most importantly, you will minister in your spiritual gifts and callings fearlessly and effectively to win souls to the

Webinar, Identify, Develop and Utilize Your Spiritual Gifts


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