• A Sign of the Times

    The Bible talks about many things happening before Christ returns. One thing is the seven year peace treaty that the beast will make with Israel just before the tribulation period begins. Bible prophesy says that the beast will break the treaty 3-1/2 years after it starts and the "Great Tribulation" period will begin. 

    So much is happening in our world today. As I read the World of God I noticed that so many of the signs of the coming of Jesus Christ is happening now. A few days ago, the UAE made a peace treaty with Israel after about two decades. This is important because Bible prophesy teaches that every treaty will end with destruction until the beast makes a tready for seven years at the beginning of the tribulation period and mid-way he refuses to honor it. At that time the "Great Tribulation" will begin. (See Dan. 9:27; 2 Thess. 2:3-10).

    So, what is all of the centuries of fighting about? The Land. The Bible teaches that the land belonged to God. God gave it to Abraham and his dependents. The Arabs want to divide the land and keep some for themselves. There will never be peace in the middle east as long as the land is divided between the two peoples (Gen. 12:1,7; Exod. 23:20-23).

    What do you think about the times that we live in now and the many things that are happening such as the weather patterns, crimes, racial inequality, the economy, presidential election and COVID 19?


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